Logo Taravo Ornano

We can be born rich and nevertheless keep simple. It is obviously the case of Jacques Abbatucci, from a famous family from the island where ministers have replaced generals, from his family he received the taste to work and to work well ! It is naturally on the land of his ancestors, between meadows and low valley hillsides of Taravo that Jacques Abbatucci created his exploitation and bred his cattle.

But the perfectionist and ardent defender of insular terroir could not be satisfied to breed cattle from their Limousin or Natal Aubrac. “I noticed that my grand-mother’s herd had curious cows with a brindled coat, that were called Zaïnata” remembers the breeder. Many years later of research and selection “the tiger cow”,  authentic Corsican bovine strain, revived from oblivion in the green fields of Taravo. Jacques Abbatucci consecrates all his time, his rigor and his passion to offer his consumers this unique taste and this best tenderness. The farm is certified in Organic Farming and also applies the principles of biodynamic since 2002.

Reception of the butcher’s shop: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm from July to mid September / Visit of the farm by appointment.